Freitag, 13. August 2010

Consistent, simple, healthy, fulfilling morning routines

My current ideal of a consistent, simple, healthy and fulfilling morning routine would be… getting up 90 minutes before leaving the house; drinking adequate water; meditating for 10mins; eating a good breakfast; showering, getting dressed, realizing that I’ve done all of these things and leaving the house like a ray of sunshine (or indeed, if it’s the weekend, remaining at home like a ray of sunshine).

Ha! And my goal is to try this every day for 4.5 months – that’s the rest of August, Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec; calendar weeks 33 – 52; starting tomorrow.

Slightly embarrassing I suppose, writing about things like drinking water but hey, we can’t all be budding academics, religious experts and financial analysts (or even). No, indeed, I’m sure some celebrating-life’s-mundane-detail is called for, small pleasures and all that; it’s certainly something that could bring my own life into more balance.

Well, there we have it… A morning routine! What time to get up? Meditate (who)? Breakfast (is there any food in the house)? Will I even get to sleep now?

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