Donnerstag, 19. August 2010


Meditate (intransitive verb): to think about something deeply.

To be really honest, it’s the NOT thinking that I was kind of hoping for… being at peace… a quiet moment… for 10 minutes... every day. I realize that there are many who have spent lifetimes trying to achieve this.

Interestingly, at dinner last night, one of our lovely guests was talking about the best way to start ‘meditating’. Her take on it was just to sit still and allow thoughts to enter and leave your head; the trick apparently is to observe these thoughts as they come and go, and to acknowledge them without trying to alter or force their patterns or appearance in any way.

The 10mins have been surpirsingly long so far, but I am learning more about my current frame of mind. And getting to know yourself better can only be a good thing, right?


  1. I like the sound of this version of meditation - I've always found meditation frustrating, because I'm easily distracted, and my thoughts wander constantly. Observing my thoughts as they come and go sounds like something I could actually do.

  2. Hi Diana, I'm exactly like you so am really enjoying this observation activity (although it's kind of hard work!). It's interesting to 'observe' how your mind just goes off on random tangents all over the place. I think the idea is, every so often during the meditation, to gently bring your thoughts back to the present moment. Thanks for commenting!