Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2011

Project re-style

Part of what I really enjoyed about breaking my whirlwind, pre-pregnancy, morning routine was looking for, preparing and photographing different breakfast ideas.  Although I'm over-the-moon to be expecting, hyperemesis has stopped me from enjoying that food variety.  Most days I'm happy to keep Crunchy Nut Cornflakes down. (OK, I could change up the bowls and the lighting every day, but you'd know... wouldn't you?)

So, for the interim, I have found a positive, non-food alternative; something mindful that can be incorporated into a morning routine.  Ta ra, what do you think?

Whoaaaaa... now I'm typing this up that's what I'm thinking.  Having started in January, most of the members are going for 52 re-styles... I'll go for 20 up until the Due Date. Some of the re-styles on their projects are fan.tas.tic, lots of talent out there.  I hope to include the re-styling of:

a couple of lampshades
wardrobe handles
old stamps from my man's collection

Run out of ideas already.  Well, here goes nothing!

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