Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

The big deal about breakfast: part 2

How can a good breakfast help you?...

Well, on a good day (which for me would mean getting up on time, choosing the right ingredients and munching leisurely), a good breakfast helps me to feel:

- Hydrated: the world's most underestimated feeling
- Energized: not starving, not stuffed and
- Relaxed

On a brilliant day, I have also been known to feel concentrated right through until my first break at work. All reasons enough for me to try and eat 'well' in the morning (whatever 'well' means).


(Talking about good breakfasts... WOW... did we have something special yesterday: the Edible Perspective's Banana Scramble.  It's...

peanut butter-ey (if you choose that as your topping) 

... in fact, it's just about every -ey a girl could wish for in her breakfast.  All of the smells and tastes really came out, and it was delicious.  Thank you Ashley. 

My only (two) word(s) of warning for those trying it at home would be... make sure you are 1. famished before eating or 2. about to venture into heavy-duty sports activities (iron-man comes to mind) two hours later.  This humble scramble has enough fuel potential to fire a jumbo jet.  No kidding.

Nearly finished... will I manage that last mouthful?


... mmmmm.)

Sorry, I digress.  What about you guys?  Your thoughts on good breakfasts? 


  1. Oh yah...that definitely looks delicious!!!!

  2. Thanks to you Ashley! Mmmm, can't wait till the weekend; I think it's going to become a regular.