Donnerstag, 10. Februar 2011

The Break Fast Habits' Top 6 Morning Blogs

OK, five, but enjoy the wild card:

Already Pretty
Sal’s style-and-body-image blog champions (among many other things) the use of clothes as a creative outlet. I love that; such a practical and underrated way to incorporate artistry into a morning. I mean everyone has to get dressed, right? Her simple, but ground-breaking tips for me have included an intro to Land’s End (I know, I’d never heard of them) and how to wear black intentionally (as opposed to using it as a default). She also loves Banksy (clearly a winner).

Zen Habits
Leo reminds me that any behaviour (take over-eating and lethargy as examples) is extremely difficult to change; but not impossible. His blog is a weekly reminder to stay focused on looking after yourself. Related to mornings? His breakfast ideas (remind me to do scrambled tofu mmmm) and his musings on getting up early are well worth a read.

Kendi Everyday
Kendi’s 30for30 is huge, and for good reason. Firstly, try re-mixing 30 items of clothes (including shoes) in 30 days and then we’ll talk. Practically, 30for30 was like being forced to give myself fashion advice with the things I already have.  I told you it was great. Kendi herself is a fashion blogger, in the biggest sense of the word, and is incredibly talented. Take today's post as a simple example.

The Edible Perspective
Ashley loves super-nutritious breakfasts and Scottish oats. What more does a girl need? She cooks with her favourite basics again and again, while simply adjusting and blogging the results. Which pretty much always look fantastic. I tried her Banana Scramble here, but check out her own variations here and here. I am, however, still working up the courage to face one of those green smoothies (am not quite there). And she gives swimming tips!! OK, I’m still at the ‘stay in the pool for 30mins’ phase...

Improv Everywhere
I mean, have you seen this? This ‘blog’ is a total random, I realize, but there is nothing more exhiliarating than making others laugh whatever time of day. Removing your pants en masse in public makes people laugh, see No Pants 2010 for yourself.

Just Another Wardrobe Experience
To me, Just Another Wardrobe Experience has style. Her blog is understated and minimal, her outfits are vintage-inspired while still modern and quietly original. I think her clothes fit perfectly and I enjoy the lines, colours and proportions she chooses. She also gives me hope that there are real thrifting opportunities in Germany! I particularly love her ‘Wear Less Black’  series and her collection of brooches (e.g. here). Related to mornings? Well she’s a working girl that has to get dressed at that time, right? 

I also love reading Smiles Go with Everything, Haiku Ambulance, Psyblog, Runner's World Breakfast Index and many more...

What are your favourite blogs at the moment?  Do you have any recommendations for me?


  1. omg, thank you so much. i really like this littel feature.

    yes, i have to get dressed in the morning. dressing up steels my time to have delicous breakfast like you have... ; )

  2. Clothes, Cameras and Coffee.
    Another Day to Dress Up

  3. @wardrobeexperience: you're very welcome :-)

    @Citizen Rosebud: I love your comment!!!! I read on your blog that you started things off with poetry... wonderful. And you're right about appreciating the day as another one to dress up!

  4. I love hearing about other's fave blogs, going to check some out now!