Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011


I'm going through a bit of an experimental phase at the moment and there are a couple of things that I keep playing with.  Still not 100% sure if they're working for me but thought you might enjoy the attempts :-)

Pattern Mixing

My first attempt was fairly mild, keeping the colours the same and working with one very subtle pattern.  I've gone a step further this time!  Different colours!  Obvious patterns! And no, OK, I haven't accesorized and yes, I did actually wear my trainers.  Oh come on, I'm pregnant and had miles to walk to the shops ;-))) 

But, with some nice shoes and jewellry, I think it could be really nice!




Silk headscarves, while very often beautiful, don't stay in my hair without gallons of product.  So, I put on my cotton, tie-died scarf that I bought in Japan yeeeeaaaaarrrs ago.  Stayed in all day.  I have one in purple too. 


What do you think?  Tell me about your current experiments!!


  1. I love that pretty Japanese scarf! I am in need of a complete new wardrobe, so I think experimenting is going to be unavoidable :)

    xo Mary Jo

  2. That scarf looks so lovely with your blue eyes!

  3. Hi Mary Jo: a complete new wardrobe! Wow, hope you post about it on your blog, would love to see the experiments!

    And Kristin: thank you! I'm going to wear it more often now :-)