Mittwoch, 19. Januar 2011

Broach: the subject (the sporran)

The lovely Colette's Friend Friday post is the inspiration for my getting-dressed antics this week.

This morning, I chose the dark green cardigan and moss-green tights ( to complement the red stones in my lovely brooch.  The brooch itself is actually tying the fasteners of my skirt together so in real life it looks quite decent.  In blogger life, it looks rather like a mini-sporran, which also isn't bad.  It just isn't very decent.



How would you wear this brooch?  Any ideas?


  1. That brooch is FABULOUS! It would look amazing on a knit long sleeve dolman sweater with a nice A-line skirt and some kind of boot.

  2. Thank you so much TM, I'd love a dolman sweater. What a great idea.