Montag, 4. Juli 2011

Getting Bigger...

... or did my t-shirt shrink in the wash?  I seriously asked myself that this morning.  Well, it's one or the other. 

I'm in a bit of a disorganized rush today and it's not because I have too much to do.  Not to worry, my fuzzy hairdo (photo 2) is perfectly reflecting my state of mind so everything's matching.

I know what you're thinking though.  My tights are too dark.  They're the only Mummy tights I have (you know the ones with the ginormous bellies) and it's fe-reeezing (11°C!!!). Once again, dear readers, another little luxury getting in the way of a tremendous blog shot (read here).




I hope you like my brooch, bag and red shoes as much as I do... and that you're having a clear-minded, focussed kind of a day :-)


  1. My mom had a brooch like that many years ago--I wonder what happened to all of them! Hope you are taking it easy and enjoying your day :)
    xo Mary Jo

  2. those girls are totally right... beautiful brooch.

    you lived in germany?! where and why?
    thanks for your lovely comment! :)