Freitag, 1. Juli 2011

Project re-style 2: stamps (part 1)

My new morning project (read here): rejects from a stamp collection and frames from a charity shop.  The framing is proving a little more difficult than I thought, so am (cheating) splitting this up into 2 phases.  What do you think so far?


stamps_frames_after (part 1)

I've also got some random getting dressed moments from this week:




I think I look tired; but I suppose that's what pregnancy does to you.
Have a fab weekend everyone.


  1. Frames are always tricky and just getting mine painted white sometimes becomes a several day ordeal--you did a great job! Hope you have a lovely {and restful} weekend!

    xo Mary Jo

  2. I so remember those days...Being preggers is exhausting...but for the record...You look lovely!

  3. Thank you Mary Jo, Kristin and Audrey! I'm enjoying the framing and because my man collects stamps, I get to see some really beautiful works of art on them!! Glad you liked the idea Audrey.
    Yes, I'll be relaxing this weekend :-))